Why buy when you can rent? Explore the charm of the sharing economy.

Why buy when you can rent? Explore the charm of the sharing economy.

Not everything we want to use needs to be owned. Fortunately, this mindset is increasingly taking a back seat today, replaced by the more economical and environmentally friendly principle of sharing. Whether we're talking about cars, homes, or bicycles, sometimes it's simply better to borrow them. If you're skeptical, we'll convince you!

What is the sharing economy?

This concept may not be unfamiliar to you, as it is becoming increasingly common in our region. If you have ever used services like Uber or Airbnb, you have also participated in the sharing economy. It operates on the principle of lending or renting out one's own resources to the broader public, making it possible to utilize them more efficiently.

Both sides benefit from this arrangement – the provider, who receives compensation for offering something they have in excess or cannot fully utilize themselves, and the consumer, who does not need to purchase the item outright. This eliminates the need to own something needed for a limited time, avoiding unnecessary, costly, or burdensome purchases. Additionally, it prevents items from lying idle at home when they could be useful elsewhere.

Sharing reduces the consumption and accumulation of goods, offering the option to rent them as a service when needed. Instead of ownership, it provides access that may or may not be utilized. Isn't it great how this freedom enhances our lives? Let's now see how this relates to the topic of children's bicycles.

Is it worth buying a children's bike?

Every parent who has ever bought a children's bike will likely agree – it can be quite a hassle! Not only do you need to choose a bike brand that meets stringent safety, functionality, and design requirements, but you also have to pick the right model and size, which can be challenging. And let's not forget, children's bikes are definitely not cheap these days.

Once you manage to get one that fits your little cyclist, with a bit of luck, they'll enjoy carefree riding for several months. However, as we all know, kids grow like weeds, and it's likely that in a year or two, your child will outgrow their bike. So, the whole cycle of buying a bike starts again, and you also have to figure out what to do with the old one.

Should you store it, sell it, or pass it on to relatives? From our own experience, bikes that our kids outgrew and had no one to pass them on to often ended up gathering dust somewhere in the garage. Therefore, we decided to break this endless cycle of trying, buying, selling, and buying again... and bring a revolution for all parents and their little bikers.


Don't buy, rent

If as a parent you're looking for a change and want to step out of the well-worn tracks, BikeUP could be the right way to go. It allows you to simply rent a bike that will grow with your child. It operates on the principle of the sharing economy, so each bike changes hands multiple times during its lifecycle. No more bikes gathering dust, but instead, they're fully utilized!

With BikeUP, you no longer need to buy a children's bike. Why bother when your child will soon outgrow it anyway? Instead, you can choose a subscription for a bike based on your child's age or height. You can select from 5 sizes of the orange Foxie model. All our bikes have a consistent and stylish design, so there's nothing more to worry about. Easy peasy! Your chosen bike will be delivered conveniently to your home by courier.

You then pay a monthly subscription based on your selection. If your child outgrows the bike, you can exchange it for a larger one free of charge after 12 months. The old bike will be passed on to another child, and yours will get a "new" one without any further effort. However, if you decide not to return the bike, after 36 months of subscription, it becomes yours automatically, and you can do whatever you wish with it. After each bike's usage, we service it and pass it on to children in orphanages.

Thus, BikeUP introduces a sustainable dimension to cycling, makes life easier for all parents, and brings joy to little bikers. Give it a try and discover the charm of the sharing economy. :)

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