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How does it work?

Order and delivery
Bike settings
Possibility of return within 7 days
Exchange for a bigger model
After 36 months the bike is yours
Even scrapped bikes continue to bring joy
Order and delivery

You click on the order in 2 minutes and within 48 hours the chosen bicycle will travel directly to you. Keep the box in which it arrives for future exchange.

Bike settings

A well-adjusted bike is the key to a safe ride. That's why we send you the Foxie almost assembled. All you have to do is put on the pedals and handlebars and the adventure ride can begin.

7 days for return

Did you choose the wrong size for your biker? It's okay. Just pack the bike in a box and we'll send it by courier. If you threw away the original box, we'll deliver another one for a small fee.

Exchange for a bigger model

When the little biker grows up, the bike also has to get bigger. That's why you can exchange it with us completely free of charge. You choose a larger model and return the one you had before to the courier upon delivery.

Endless driving pleasure

If you like the bike at home, you don't have to give it up. After 36 months, it's all yours and you can put it away for a younger sibling or pass it on to someone who will bring a smile to their face.

Bicycle life cycle

Discarded bicycles do not finish their mission yet. We will service them as needed and donate them to children from disadvantaged conditions. A few of them are already bringing joy to children's homes in Slovakia.

Why rent a bike from BikeUp?

We respect nature
At BikeUP, bicycles circulate among children. After each change, we thoroughly service them so that they are as good as new and many more little bikers can enjoy riding them. And what about those who can no longer ride? We will take care of them too with respect for the environment. We will recycle unusable pieces and use functional parts as spare parts.
We care about safety
We developed children's bikes with an ultra-light aluminum construction for easy handling. We focused on a larger wheelbase, which ensures stability during riding and helps the child improve his cycling skills. We simply thought of everything that can affect the quality of your ride little biker!
We stand behind every screw
BikeUP is our heart's business. We put all our free time into it. The bikes we offer were designed by us - a group of fathers and a few top specialists in the cycling industry. We want to provide you with the best children's bike for the least amount of money, and in the simplest possible way.
Saving the wallet
We also bought expensive bicycles for our children, but only because BikeUP didn't exist yet. Today we want to shout to the world that everyone can give their child a high-quality bicycle without having to buy a new one almost every 2 years.
We provide a complete service
If you need something repaired on your bike, let us known. Pack the bike in a box and wait for the courier. We will repair the bike according to the price list and send it back to you repaired. If you are not sure whether you need a repair, write to us.
Personal Approach
We spread bikes among children and restore them through a service so that other children can enjoy them. We separate damaged bikes and recycle their materials.

Number of rented bikes: 520

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Our story


Who are we?

We are a group of fathers and uncles who have spent hundreds of euros on bicycles for their children. We realized that buying them a new one almost every two years is neither financially nor ecologically sustainable. We were looking for a place where we could rent a high-quality children's bike, but we couldn't find such an option anywhere.

Why do we do this?

We did some research on the market, but also among our friends - many expensive bikes lie unused in garages, basements, attics... We decided to change that. We have found a way to save your wallet, nature and time.

How do we turn worries into joy at BikeUp?

In contrast to the outdated model of owning things, we pay attention to their efficient and sustainable use. Together with cycling experts, we designed the Foxie ultra-light children's bike, which you can rent with us for a monthly subscription. When your child grows out of the Foxie, after 12 months we will exchange the Foxie for a larger model free of charge. We refurbish discarded bicycles and donate them when serviced to children from disadvantaged families and to orphanages.

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Age: 6 years
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Foxie 14
Age: 6 years
Subscription Foxie 14

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