Price list


ProductPriceSubscription duration
Foxie 127,5 €monthlymax. 36 months
Foxie 1412,9 €monthlymax. 36 months
Foxie 14+12,9 €monthlymax. 36 months
Foxie 1613,9 €monthlymax. 36 months
Foxie 1814,9 €monthlymax. 36 months
Foxie 2015,9 €monthlymax. 36 months


ProductPriceSubscription duration
Dinosaur0,0 €One time
Forest0,0 €One time
Meadow0,0 €One time
Pirate0,0 €One time
Fairy tale0,0 €One time
Superhero0,0 €One time
Dude0,0 €One time
Universe0,0 €One time
Foxie0,0 €One time


ProductPriceSubscription duration
Stand for Foxie 140,5 €monthlymax. 36 months
Stand for Foxie 160,5 €monthlymax. 36 months
Stand for Foxie 180,5 €monthlymax. 36 months
Bell0,1 €monthlymax. 36 months
Auxiliary wheels0,5 €monthlymax. 36 months
Helmet20,0 €One time
Wrist and knee pads12,0 €One time
Gloves10,0 €One time


ProductPriceSubscription duration
Box Foxie 122,0 €One time
Box Foxie 142,0 €One time
Box Foxie 162,0 €One time
Box Foxie 182,0 €One time
Box Foxie 202,0 €One time

Services and fees

ProductPriceSubscription duration
Insurance of the balance bike1,0 €monthlyFor the duration of the subscription
Bicycle insurance1,99 €monthlyFor the duration of the subscription
Balance bike exchange0,0 €One time
Bike exchange0,0 €One time
Termination of Foxie 12 subscription10,0 €One time
Termination of Foxie 14 to 20 subscriptions20,0 €One time
Termination of the subscription during the trial period of 7 days for the cost of shipping*0,0 €One time
Theft or destruction of the insured bike50,0 €One time
Removing stickers from your bike5,0 €One time
Cleaning of the bicycle at the end of the subscription and replacement5,0 €One time


ProductPricePart price + service
Brake Rubbers (Pair)1,2 €We do not charge - consumables
Bowden0,84 €We do not charge - consumables
Brake cable2,4 €8,4 €
V-brake front4,8 €8,8 €
V-brake rear brake4,8 €8,8 €
V-brake lever left4,8 €8,8 €
V-brake lever right4,8 €8,8 €
Head composition2,4 €4,4 €
Handlebars9,6 €16,6 €
Grips3,6 €We do not charge - consumables
Stem9,6 €13,6 €
Cassette9,6 €14,6 €
Cranks9,6 €13,6 €
Pedals (pair)4,8 €We do not charge - consumables
Shifter8,4 €12,4 €
Chain4,8 €We do not charge - consumables
Central composition4,8 €8,8 €
Shifting9,6 €15,6 €
Saddle7,2 €We do not charge - consumables
Tyre4,8 €We do not charge - consumables
Inner tyre3,0 €We do not charge - consumables
Axle1,8 €4,8 €
Rear hub10,8 €15,8 €
Front hub10,8 €15,8 €
Front wheel18,0 €25,0 €
Rear wheel18,0 €25,0 €
Rear wheel24,0 €33,0 €
*termination of subscription during the trial period 7 days, the price is equal to round trip transportationAll prices are inclusive of VAT.