5 advantages that renting a BikeUP bicycle will bring you

5 advantages that renting a BikeUP bicycle will bring you

BikeUP is a project that originated as a response to our own problems, which were shared with us by other parents. Endlessly searching for children's bicycles was no longer enjoyable for us. Therefore, we decided to do something about it and introduced the option of easy rental of children's bicycles for everyone.

Benefits of renting a BikeUP bicycle

Take a look at what BikeUP can bring to you and your whole family.

Healthy Movement

Cycling is one of the most accessible sports activities, making it a great foundation for shared family adventures. It provides healthy movement for children and other family members, being gentle on the musculoskeletal system and adaptable to the least fit member of the group. Instead of sitting in front of the TV or computer, children get a regular dose of exercise in the fresh air and improve their motor skills. Our BikeUP bicycles are an ideal foundation for children's healthy lifestyles.

More Family Time

Anyone who has ever bought a children's bicycle knows how challenging it can be. Finding a suitable bike takes time and effort. Moreover, in just a few months, the child may outgrow the bike. The cycle of searching for the right bike thus repeats itself. Why not save a lot of time and hassle with a BikeUP bike that will grow with your child? Simply choose a model based on the child's age or height and pay a monthly subscription similar to a streaming service. When the child grows, we will exchange the bike for a larger one. This way, you'll have more time for more meaningful activities.


Saving Money

A quality children's bicycle is certainly not a cheap purchase. Instead of spending several hundred euros on a new bike, with us you can effectively spread out its cost. Each month, you pay a subscription ranging from 6.9 euros to just under 15 euros, making it accessible to almost everyone. For this amount, you get a quality, modern, and ultra-light bicycle, finely tuned to the last detail. You can also purchase accessories if needed. The money you save can be spent, for example, on new adventures.

Safe Cycling

When it comes to children, safety comes first. You don't have to worry about the safety aspect with us, because our bikes have been developed with this factor in mind. Thanks to their aluminum frame, they are lightweight, making it easy for young bikers to handle. They have robust tires for better balance and stability, adjustable handlebar height for comfortable spatial orientation, and easily manageable brakes. Quality components and materials are a given. Correctly choosing the size of the bike is also important for children's safety.

Ecological Thinking

Our BikeUP project also brings a sustainable aspect. Cycling itself is a very eco-friendly mode of transportation, but constantly buying new children's bikes isn't very environmentally friendly. However, subscribing to a bike is a way to enjoy the joy of riding without the need to own. Our bikes circulate among users and are used to their fullest extent. When bikes reach the end of their life, depending on their condition, we either refurbish them and pass them on to children in foster care, or recycle them.

Try our BikeUP subscription and enjoy a new joy of riding with your children.

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